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Handing in My Thesis: dodgy photo recap

October 28, 2009

Monday 26th October 2009 (aka Thesis D-Day) saw me, P. and F. handing in the final products of this year’s labour. It started as a quiet, surreal affair which turned into a fun filled day of laughter and joy. Although only the three of us handed our work in on Monday, everyone seemed to be celebrating with us.

D. driving me to campus
(don’t drink and drive, people!)

F. (right) and P. (left) handing their theses in
(I warned you they were dodgy photos!)

Handing MY thesis in!!!

Popping open the bubbly
F., P., me (taken by C.)

More booze J
S. and F.

Wedges, pizza, pizza, more wedges
P. and C.

Bubbly and pizza
Best way to celebrate ever

Mmm… Wedges
S. and J.

Getting distracted by my outfit
Target wedges and Valley Girl skirt

Getting distracted by other outfits
Miss J.’s cute skirt and hot boots

F.’s bear coffee and ring

Miss J. and Madame K.
(on the way to our last class ever!)

Me in the last class ever

Miss J. presenting
(features mature aged students)

After class drinkies
D., F. and P. || Miss J. and C.

Ahem, I maybe broke a glass…

What I will miss most about campus: the ducks!

In the car on the way home

D. driving me home
(don’t drink and drive, people!)

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