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About MissWiniW

Hi, I’m MissWiniW

I have deep thoughts on fate, fashion, felines, fine arts and food.
I have the degree to prove it.

I completed Kindergarten to Year 12 in NSW, took first year Fine Arts at UNCLE and completed my Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Curatorship) with Honours at ANU. I plan on being a housewife for a year (seeing as I’m yet to find a fulltime job). I’ve been in school since I was 5 and I’m now 23 – gimme a break!

Me, my MrMan and our cat Path live in the Jack Frost Club House with R. and A. I hang out with the Honours Girls and Work Ladies in the ACT and my High School Hunnies when I’m in NSW. My immediate family still live in Newcastle and we come from the motherland (aka England).

The majority of my pictures are taken with my iPhone (aka the ‘sister wife‘) and therefore are often lacking in quality (but definitely not in quantity!)

I do believe in faeries. I do. I do.

I am an art history nerd, organising and associated products are my (un)secret loves and I constantly misplace my black cardi.

Tune in daily throughout your working week:

  • Fateful Mondays!
  • Fashion Fix Tuesdays!
  • Feline Friendly Wednesdays!
  • Fine Arts Thursdays!
  • Food Fight Fridays!

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