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Fave Blog Articles

A list of my favourite blog tags/entries for your enjoyment 🙂


yes and yes: It’s All Good. No, Really. *All* of It
This article is the best read when you’re having an ‘ugly’ day.


Cardigan Empire: Body Type (tag)
One woman’s attempts to help readers with understanding their bodies and finding ways to dress it in new and fashionable ways.

Daddy Likey: How I Dressed Like a Sitcom Husband and Lived to Tell the Tale
How I try to live each and every day is spelled out clearly in this blog post. Inspirational.

Academichic: Fashion 101 – Colour Review Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4
No other recent(ly read) series of blog articles has made me analyse not only the outfits I wear, but those put together by others. Plus, how could you not love the Colour Wheel of Clothes?

Academichic: Scarf Tying bibliography
An awesome collection of sccarf tying techniques. Images and instrucctions included!


Chickens in the Road: When It Rains
This page reads like something I imagine to be my favourite childhood story book. Please make it into a children’s book, Suzanne!

Fine Arts

ONTD: What Where the Wild Things Are could have been
Short animated clip, never fails to make me giggle.

Post Secret
Every week these postcards never fail to inspire me.


More to come…

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