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Free meal @wagamama

April 7, 2010

After the Wagamama National Tweet Up, I received a free meal for two at the noodle bar as a result of my obsessive tweeting that evening. Unsurprisingly, when we took the card to the counter to pay the man there was a little confused – I think our waitress was meant to give him a heads up for it, but he just waved us on with an “it’s okay, see you again soon.”

The two free meals included starters, mains and drinks so we both decided to try new things. We did start with the same starters that we had at WNTU, allthough they weren’t as yummily crispy this time – sad! And as you can see in the photo below, not only did MrMan read during this meal, I did too! I was reading The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency for book club (review to come).

The spring rolls we tried were not my favourite (and I don’t think we finished them!) but MrMan’s main was nice (not that I remember what it was, haha)

I wish I’d paid more attention to the description of my Salmon Ramen, as I am not a fan of chilli and I sure did get a shock upon starting my main! Next time I have this dish I will request it to come without chilli.

It took much longer than expected for our drinks to arrive – they were delivered right towards the end of our meal. With all of that chilli I would have appreciated it a little earlier! I also had to request a mix of fruit juices that wasn’t on the menu. I’m not allergic to apples, they just make me ‘sick like dog,’ so I asked for all citrus flavours. The girl was a little confused to start with, until I explained my situation. I really do wish juice mixes didn’t rely on apple juice as a base all of the time!

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  1. April 15, 2010 1:30 pm

    This book club…is it open for everyone or is it a friend’s book club thing? I’ve been wantign to find a BC here but they appear to be very secretive indeed!

    • April 15, 2010 3:46 pm

      It’s basically just me and my Art History buddies finding an excuse to catch up once a month. We do try to discuss the book but it turns into a goss-fest in the end, lol. The book for this month (which we’ll discuss in the first week of May as I am away shortly for a few weeks) is The Girl with a Pearl Earring. I’ll get back to you with more deets 😉

  2. April 23, 2010 1:00 pm

    Thanks heaps! I don’t want to intrude or anything, but if they’re open to me coming along I’ d love to – I love Tracy Chevalier!! My email is: 🙂

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