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Wonderings on Packing

April 4, 2010

My brain is trying to handle thinking about packing for a warmer climate whilst my whole body and soul is getting into the winter mode for Canberra. Here (Canberra) we are getting maximums of about 23 (and heading towards the 12 maximums, haha). But to pack for our trip (Newcastle then Cairns) I need to remember it’ll be 26ish in Newcastle and up to 30 in Cairns! Why must these temperatures mock my new boots and growing stash of interesting stockings?!

I also have the dilemma of what to wear travelling from Newcastle to Sydney for our early morning flight to Cairns. My clothes need to flow well from one climate to the next, without forcing me to open my carry on luggage a thousand times in three locales. Of course, as MumW has suggested, I will wear my heaviest clothing and layer for this part of the trip – which means I will most likely wear jeans, a cardi, a wooly cardi and heavier shoes and a shirt of some description (because even in 30 degree heat I still like to wear my jeans!)

Of course, as part of the female species I am prone to over-packing. So to combat this, the MrMan let me “invest” in two cabin sized suit cases. The challenge? Only letting myself use one bag for my stuff! (i.e. no over spilling into MrMan’s) We are taking extra stuff to Newcastle (like, say, a wedding dress, haha – although, if we plan on going to the casino in Cairns, I might take it with me!) and I will definitely wear my boots in Newcastle (but won’t take them to Cairns) so there will be some cross over and some not cross over clothing.

I’m reading back through all of the Academichic packing entries and I think I need to look closely at my wardrobe and work out some definite outfits (and photograph like here). Then I can add (and subtract) extra pieces to round out my packing. Throwing in only a handful of accessories will be my falling point (what if I want to wear all of my necklaces and I don’t have that one with me?!) so I think these I will need to consider hardest!

And the biggest downer of this trip?

Patch isn’t joining us so that means mummy is away from her furbaby for two whole weeks!!!

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  1. April 4, 2010 10:36 pm

    I always pack wrong for newcastle. never enough bare legs!

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