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Review: Guru Coffee

March 5, 2010

As a filler until this evening (when you’ll get to see my first attempt at making wedding cupcakes!), here is a quick pic review  of Guru Coffee Gungahlin.

Orange & Poppyseed muffin and a Latte for $7.50

It’s been rainy all day and I needed to get out and breathe fresh air so I decided to run some errands at the shops. After a quick perusal of BigW (mainly to pick up a trash mag) I decided I needed a coffee and a sit down. I went into Guru at the end of the lunch rush and was eventually served at the counter (after two indecisive office workers). It would have helped if there were signs as to what cakes were what flavours (just to speed up choosing/ordering) but overall I was happy with the service here. My coffee was brought over to me at my table and, eventually, so was my muffin (I think the poor guy at the counter was getting over run!) My latte was a little too coffee-ish for my taste but the milk was perfect (it was sitting more on the side of a cappucino) and my muffin was the perfect filler for the afternoon – better than I expected it to be for what it was 😛

PS: We found a photographer for our wedding via ServiceSeeking who was kind enough to take our financial situation (and my lack of driving skills) into consideration. Please check out Tracy Beveridge Photography and give her all the love she deserves!!

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