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DIY ‘zine Coasters

February 18, 2010

To make a magazine coaster you will need:
One old magazine
A pair of scissors or a paper cutting machine

1. Tear out six pages from the magazine and cut them in half length ways.
2. For each strip, fold in half length ways.
3. Fold into thirds (length ways) keeping rough edges in the centre.
4. Fold in half at the width of the folded strip.

Repeat until all 12 strips have been folded.

5. Start weaving the stripss together. It takes brain power to work the pattern out!
6. Keep them close together so everything fits properly.

7. Once all strips are woven together, there’ll be a lot of loose ends.
8. Trim the ends of the strips that are in between other strips (see pic). Tuck in all of your loose ends.

Your coaster is now complete! You may need to press all folds throughout the process – it does start getting fairly thick. If you’re worried about water damage during use, invest in a laminator to protect your new coaster.

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