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Feeding the Ducks: dodgy photo recap

February 17, 2010

A short drive from our house will find you at Yerrabi Pond District Park. This park features lots for families and kids (and kids at heart!) to do: flying fox, play equipment, skateboarding area, BBQs, toilet facilities and walking paths. But the best thing about Yerrabi (for me) is the little ‘boat ramp’ where you can feed the ducks! MrMan and I usually go whenever we have a stash of old bread (so every couple of months) but today was so beautiful and quiet we made an exception and took part of a still-fresh loaf down to the park.

At first there were only a handful of friends…

…but then so many more arrived!

There was a family of duckies – so sweet with their downy baby fuzz still.

And of course the swans were just big bullies…

…pushing their weight around.

But this mama water hen was really sweet…

…begging for food she handed off to her babies 🙂

And then there was the ‘duckapus’
Does anyone know who he is?!

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