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Collagista – a collage-zine for you and I

January 28, 2010

An art school friend has started a bi-monthly collage zine called Collagista – a publication which “hopes to keep it’s finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary collage art across the globe.”1 It features the following collage-related content: works, exhibition reviews and info, essays and exhibition and competition opportunities. From around the world. (Yes, the world exists outside of Canberra.)

Artist: Collagista creator, Johnny
Title: Postcard 03
Text: Postcard for the Cut and Paste postcard competition

Members of the international public are invited to email .jpeg images of their works (with explanatory texts), essays and so on to the creator (Johnny) at

The zine is available primarily in PDF format but hard copies can also be found in select Canberra galleries and libraries. Each printed edition is assigned an ISSN (international serial number), allowing the zine to be collected and catalogued around the world.

To view the bi-monthly Collagista zine, simply go to their blog and download the PDF!

And now, a little Q&A with the man behind Collagista:

Where did the idea come from?
he idea built up over time. I had been following the work of a number of collage artists for some years, mostly on Deviantart, as well as people I knew in Canberra, such as Franki Sparke (who does incredible collages, and who initially gave me the idea to use collage myself), and had been finding it difficult to keep up to date with the work and projects of so many diverse artists spread across such a vast area (the world is quite big!).
One of the artists whose work I followed, Edvard Derkert, a Swedish artist, put on a show called ‘Cut & Paste’ in Gallery KG52, in Stockholm. I was quite excited about the show for two reasons. Firstly, the work was of great quality, and secondly, the foyer of the gallery was set aside to display postcard collages, which anyone could send in. I told everyone I knew who I thought would be interested, and as I was telling everyone I realised that there are so many artists around the world working with collage who never know about each other. It takes a great deal of energy and time to research upcoming shows and exhibition/competition opportunities, and it is difficult to stay on top of contemporary collage work.
The more I thought about it, the more obvious it seemed that the collage community needed some kind of forum to share information about artist projects, their work, upcoming competitions and exhibitions etc… and a magazine seemed to be a fairly simple method of disseminating the information.

Do you work alone?
I work alone only in that I physically put the magazine together myself, on my dining room table. I think really that the magazine is more of a collaborative affair though, as, I couldn’t keep up to date with all the exhibitions etc which are going on around the world – especially as so many are in countries which do not speak English – without the help of other collage artists.

How did you get all of the international contacts?
Many of the contacts have come from people telling other people about the project. I started by simply sending the first issue out to everyone in my hotmail contact list (assuming, rightly, that friends and family would get on board) and to all the collage artists I was already in contact with. Naturally, all of these people knew others who were interested or who worked with collage, and the magazine was forwarded to them and so on and so forth.
I also continue to search the net to find people who might be interested. Recently I sent an email to the Institue of Contemporary Art in Moscow, asking if any of their students worked with collage and were interested. I had about a dozen responses from students and also found the magazine had been advertised on a number of Russian artists blogs, which in turn added to the contact list.

Where exactly do you distribute hard copies?
Hard copies are distributed in Canberra, in very small numbers, mostly in or around the art school. With the upcoming third issue I hope to be able to take small numbers to local galleries and art stores as well.

Keep an eye out for Collagista!

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