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Closet Systems

January 26, 2010

The first Fashion Fix Tuesday will not feature an outfit, but rather my waredrobe. Inspired by this post by Winona of Daddy Likey fame, I decided to sort through my closet when the MrMan and I switched our rooms around. I was also inspired by the highly organisastional-tastic-ness of this blog post at Kinowear.

My ‘closet’ is a clothes rack (because I have a foot of hanging
space in the wardrobe – seriously ill designed house!)

(Edited) Kinowear Rules to Organising Your Closet:

1. Take everything out.
We had to do this when moving our rooms around and it gave me a good opportunity to look at all of my stuff.

2. Ask yourself these crucial questions: Have you worn it in the past 2 years? Does it fit and is it flattering? Do you have too many of the same thing?
I looked at all of our clothes. Allllll of the clothes belonging to both of us. And there was a lot of them. For each piece of clothing I looked at I had to…

3. Decide the fate of each piece: keep it, store it, toss/donate it.
Some things were kept, a few were stored (like our winter gear) and more than I thought was packed into bags for charity. I even went so far as to sort out my shoes – something I haven’t done in years! And to do all of this I instigated Winona’s five rules:
1. It is better to have 10 things you love than 100 things you don’t care about.
2. You get to define what you love.
3. You also get to define what you hate.
4. Shoes are the anchor of your wardrobe.
5. While solo introspection is important, don’t underestimate the power of a brutally honest friend.

4. Build a proper infrastructure.
I already had the basics of my closet; my problem was using it properly. I like to hang all of my clothing as I’m not big on fold creases. Therefore my clothes rack’s ample size is a perfect base to my system. All of my clothes fit easily onto it (with room for new purchasesJ) and I even managed to fit a hanging shoe organiser. This keeps my most commonly worn shoes off the floor and in their pairs. The small chest of drawers (to the left of the above photo) was the perfect size for organising items that didn’t need hanging (undergarments, shorts, swimwear, pyjamas, etc.)

5. Plan a system of organisation and start using it!
I used to try to keep all of the same type of clothing together – except when I was too rushed and just shoved stuff on the rack. My new system is divided not only into types of clothing (shirts, t-shirts, skirts, etc.) but also divided by colours and patterns. All of my monochrome items are together with their patterned (or printed) friends next to them. Whenever I do washing I make sure it is put straight onto the rack (in its place) when it is dry. This makes choosing what to wear sooo much faster as I know exactly where to find the pieces I want. It also gives me a mental image of my closet when I am shopping and prevents me buying multiples of certain items.

I turned all of my coat hangers around in order to attempt this life hack. I want to see what I actually do wear in a month and ask myself why I don’t wear what hasn’t been worn.

Do you have a closet system?
Are you planning one?

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