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Review: Up in the Air

January 19, 2010

Today the MrMan and I went to Dendy Premium Lounge at the Canberra Centre to see Up in the Air. Reclining chairs, waitress service (for our cokes, popcorn and skittles in a glass goblet) and crazy old ladies in the seats behind us – what could be better? Well, how about combining all this with a really good movie?

MrMan and I in the cinema 🙂

Ryan Bingham (Clooney) is hired out by his company to other companies who need him to fire their staff. This job makes the skeleton of the story which, as described by the film’s tagline, is about “a man ready to make a connection.” Bingham’s life is spent predominately ‘up in the air,’ on flights between jobs. His favoured lifestyle (of no home base and no connections) is threatened by the arrival of 23 year old Natalie (Anna Kendrick aka Jessica from The Twilight Saga) who seeks to implement a videoconferencing system in order to cut travel costs for the company. Natalie and Bingham are thrown together by their boss so that she can ‘learn the ropes’ on the road before everyone is ‘grounded.’ The pair is forced to reconsider their views on relationships, home and dreams. These elements are reflected in the words spoken by those clients they must fire.

Normally Clooney comes off as a cocky, suave, fox of a gentleman but Up in the Air forces vulnerability in his character that cannot be hidden. Watch out for it at the end of the film! And by golly, watch out for Anna Kendrick! She truly becomes her part of a young woman in a power suit, aiming to do the best she can in the job she has fallen into. The dippy highschooler from Twilight truly blossoms in this film – and I was pleasantly surprised.

Kendrick and Clooney – an awesome pair to watch

What films have you seen recently?
Would you recommend them?

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