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Wedding Plans: invites

January 17, 2010

I knew it would be cheapest to make my own invites – but what was the cheapest DIY invite?

Whilst the MrMan and I have not yet set a date for our wedding, I have started looking at invitations. I understand the importance of these items to many brides-to-be BUT I am a poor bride-to-be and thus I am thrifty!

Guidelines to meet:
Our colour theme (blue – specifically sapphire but I’m not going to get overly picky)
Less than $100 to print (max. $150)
Sufficient space for our whole (personal) message

TrulyMadlyDeeply “DIY Wedding Invitation – 14.85cm Navy Flat Offset Diamante Buckle”
DIY kit available online here.

A work colleague suggested I check out for their paper options and make my invites with their products. So many examples, so many paper styles, so many options. Coloured papers and cards, vellums and silks, invitation accessories (ribbons, buckles, etc.), as well as bonbonniere, wedding accessories and other wedding stationary (RSVPs, save the date cards, thankyou notes, place cards, etc.) All of these are good but I have a specific idea in my mind and I wasn’t sure if I could create this with products bought online (my screen colours not always matching with what is printed, etc.) And I knew I would not have an opportunity to visit their (apparently amazing) storefront in Sydney in time. I think if I went with this company, I would have them make the invites, etc. for me as there is no way I would be happy with my creations next to images of theirs! (see picture above for an example) “Invitation Warm Hearts Notecard”
Orderable from here. is perhaps the laziest example of DIY wedding invites. There are many design options, you have the option of editing the wording and you can add your own photo to various parts of the invites. You are even able to offer bulk purchase discounts. My favourite designs were mainly $0.99(US) for 51-100 prints. However, there were no sets in my preferred colour scheme and I couldn’t find any that would match nicely.

Microsoft Office Online “Templates Searched – wedding”

And then my brain remembered Microsoft Office Word templates! I have used these in the past for document layouts and OneNote notebook designs. A quick search for ‘wedding’ templates uncovered a treasure trove of alterable, printable, DIYable wedding stationery sets. Word07 (and previous versions, to my knowledge) allow you to edit the colour scheme of templates you download. I was therefore able to change the colours of my template to a greyscale (printable by my printer) which I could print on blue paper. Now all I have to do is set a date and I can print my invites out J

I’ll let you know how the end result turns out!

Do you prefer to go all out on invites?
Or do you like to save money and make your own?

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