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MissWiniW’s 2009: dodgy photo recap

December 31, 2009


It was my birthday
We had a BBQ at the park

Patch rioted with Mr. Moosie

I cut my hand washing cups
It was declared I did not need to go to Emergency


Dave came to visit

D. and I went to the Show

R1. and I went dancing
(and took photos in club toilets!)


I visited my parents in Newcastle
(and played with Mannie: huntress of the night)

Dave and Patch continued their sibling rivalry

I started working under supervision
(don’t think it helped much…)


Patch discovered sinks

Dave discovered baskets

The Work Girls went out for dinner
(and I got an iPhone!!!)

D. and I visited Parliament House with my Mum and Dad
(and I fell in love with some chairs)


R2. moved in
(and Patch claimed a new couch for napping)

I did some study in the library

D. and I got engaged!!!
(taken w/camera not iPhone as it was stolen!!!)


We drove to Cowra to visit J. (Dan’s mummy)
Patch (clearly) travelled in style

D. and I made some new friends at the park

I did some uni work at home

D. and Patch had a sleep in my bed
(and it was cute!)


To Patch’s delight, Brother Dave returned for a visit

I started mapping out my first (thesis) chapter

J. visited and Patty had a photo shoot with the Liger
(R1. moved out and C2. moved in)

D. and I went to the zoo!

D. bought himself a petrol powered RC car
(and he got me a second hand iPhone from eBay!!!)


Mum and Dad sent me flowers
(I graduated with my BA in July)

D. got sick and I babysat him at work
(yep, I’m that cool)

(A sick) D. and Patch had a nap in my bed

I had a bath – Patch fell in!


Patch, D. and I drove to visit Mum and Dad in Newcastle

It rained on the drive home
(and Patch wasn’t convinced Daddy was safe out there!)

I cooked my first proper meal!
(and multitasked like a woman in the know)

I moved our bedrooms around a little

Our cars got massively dirty in a dust storm

R2., C2. and I did gardening on the coldest day in the world


Mum and Dad visited and I went to Floriade with them

Patch got outside on his own and had a mini breakdown
(it took four people to show him the way back in!)

J. visited again
(and brought authentic Arnhem Land baskets)

D. (finally) got his Ps!!!

I (finally) finished my thesis and got it bound!!!

I handed my thesis in (!!!) and celebrated in style


I won a prize from work

A shingleback got into the yard
(and wouldn’t make friends with Patch)

We went to a midnight launch

My MrMan turned 23
(and I cooked him a special meal)

D., Patch and I visited friends and family in Newcastle

D. and I visited J. in Gosford and went to see some reptiles

We put up the Xmas tree and Patch decided it was his new toy


The work girls had Xmas dinner at La Scala

I graduated with Honours and celebrated with Mum and Dad

Patch knocked over the tree
(and scared himself silly!)

MrMan and I spent Xmas day playing video games…

…and Patch snuck outside into the rain for half an hour!

I worked Boxing Day and the centre was super crazy
(and this was even taken on the 27th!)

On NYE we finally bought a kiddy pool…

…which made Patty feel abandoned…

…and made me feel really cold!

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  1. January 5, 2010 6:28 am

    Engaged and lots of cats!!!! Sounds great to me!! Cheers to 2010!!

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