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Review: 2012

November 24, 2009

While we were at Mum and Dad’s place in Newcastle, D. and I went to see 2012. It was a good movie and I wouldn’t mind seeing it again – just not pay for it again! It is a film you can wait to see on TV, so don’t rush out to see it. This film also has all of my number one fears combined into one, so if you have any niggling fears of flying or waves – do not see this movie on the big screen! I am so glad we were driving back to Canberra and not flying.

I described 2012 to Dad as follows: 2012 = War of the Worlds MINUS the aliens PLUS Noah’s Ark. You know it’s true.

I would also like to present 2012 with the “Award for the Most Filmic Symbolism Worked into one Movie.” Seriously. It could be a new drinking game.

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