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Australian Reptile Park: dodgy photo recap

November 23, 2009

On Saturday, D. and I drove to Gosford to visit J. (D.’s mummy) and ended up taking a trip to the Australian Reptile Park. I only took 193 photos on my iPhone that day. Yes – only. Needless to say the vast majority turned out to be awesomely poor quality. I need to re-invest in a proper camera!

On the road
(yes, I am so cool I am wearing a candy necklace)
(yes, it was delicious :))

Trying to play Pooh Sticks in the little ‘creek’

One of many lizards

Some of many turtles
(and a lizard riding a turtle!!!)
(and maybe also my finger…)

Hugo and J.

Me bravely patting a baby roo
(I’m scared of them – shut up :P)

Then we watched a man talk about reptiles
(he is holding an alligator and just out of the left side
of the picture is the crocodile)

Then we saw some dingoes
(and this one had bypassed some barriers and was really close!)

And then I had to walk past an emu that was playing in a sprinkler
(I’m scared of them – shut up :P)

Apparently there were cassowaries
But we just thought it looked like Jurassic Park
(or that they were playing poker under the bridge)

And we gave a Bower Bird my blue pen lid for his bower

Better pic of his bower

I made some new feathered friends 😉

D. got eaten by a croc

We went inside the Spider House

I enjoyed the architectural features of the Reptile House

Miss Piggy – so cute 😀

My obedient Bunny

Winner of the Cutest Bin Award

Winner of the Funkiest Bench Award

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