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Masterpieces from Paris

November 7, 2009
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I have made the ‘executive decision’ not to attend my graduation. My Mum and Dad are visiting me in Canberra and taking me to Masterpieces from Paris instead. Hurrah! I am beyond excited about this exhibition. One of the first artists I came into (conscious) contact with as a child was Vincent van Gogh. His interiors and Starry Night are some of my first ‘art’ memories (sketching them in oil pastels in year six art). Unfortunately I cannot find a list of works that are included in this exhibition but it will apparently have 114 works from artists including Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, etc. The website has a large (ever changing) picture spot that shows some of the works that are included in the exhibition (clearly the ones that were passed by copyright!)

Vincent van Gogh, Bedroom in Arles
(I remember sketching the chairs!)

And after all my ‘Art History and Curatorship’ training, all I can do is marvel at the cost this exhibition must have created! I know, I know, it’s a blockbuster and it’s designed to draw crowds, ra ra ra. BUT Turner to Monet barely broke budget and this exhibition, in my opinion, must have been far more extravagantly priced! Will this exhibition break budget? Will the NGA make money from it? Certainly the exhibition’s value isn’t in question, but the government must have put together a lot of money to get these works into Australia.

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