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Dinner: D.’s turn

November 2, 2009
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At the moment it’s hot (h-o-t HOT) which resulted in D. deciding to make a chicken caesar salad. Easy, fast, cool and little to prepare or clean up.

Grocery List:
Lettuce (any – we got a HUGE butter leaf one)
Tomato (2 or 3)
Cucumber (ours was a continental, only variety left)
Corn kernels (we usually get Edgell’s coz they’re sweeter)
Salad dressing (a creamy caeser one)
Croutons (pre-made)
Bacon bits (pre-chopped from the deli section of Woolies)
BBQ chicken (pre-cooked, again from deli)

Start frying your bacon bits.
Chop all of the salady stuff as desired (bite sized is my preferred option) and whack it all in a bowl.
Pop in the croutons, fried bacon bits and dressing.
Mix it all up.
Drop in bite sized chunks of the chicken.
Dish up onto medium sized plates or flattish bowls.
Add desired amount of corn to top of meal.

Finished product
(left is mine, right is D.’s)

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