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Outfit 24102009

October 24, 2009
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Necklace: Gift from D.
Top: NGA
Skirt: Valley Girl (gift from D.)

I started today wearing my jeans (cuffed to make them ¾ length) but changed into the skirt in the car. We went back to Valley Girl today so I could return a little cardi that didn’t fit me (because apparently all size 10 people have massive boobs to stop the cardi from gaping at the back!) The tee is from the Turner to Monet exhibition that was held at the NGA (last year?) Sometimes I like to wear it with a ballet type skirt, ballet flats and then braid my hair and tie it with a ribbon – coz I’m an art nerd and I like to pretend I am art. Here’s to hoping the upcoming blockbuster has a similarly awesome gift shop at the end!!

Another outfit for chores. Perhaps more appropriate than yesterday’s but less hot and more on the cute/comfy side. Especially in this heat.

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