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Free meal @wagamama

April 7, 2010

After the Wagamama National Tweet Up, I received a free meal for two at the noodle bar as a result of my obsessive tweeting that evening. Unsurprisingly, when we took the card to the counter to pay the man there was a little confused – I think our waitress was meant to give him a heads up for it, but he just waved us on with an “it’s okay, see you again soon.”

The two free meals included starters, mains and drinks so we both decided to try new things. We did start with the same starters that we had at WNTU, allthough they weren’t as yummily crispy this time – sad! And as you can see in the photo below, not only did MrMan read during this meal, I did too! I was reading The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency for book club (review to come).

The spring rolls we tried were not my favourite (and I don’t think we finished them!) but MrMan’s main was nice (not that I remember what it was, haha)

I wish I’d paid more attention to the description of my Salmon Ramen, as I am not a fan of chilli and I sure did get a shock upon starting my main! Next time I have this dish I will request it to come without chilli.

It took much longer than expected for our drinks to arrive – they were delivered right towards the end of our meal. With all of that chilli I would have appreciated it a little earlier! I also had to request a mix of fruit juices that wasn’t on the menu. I’m not allergic to apples, they just make me ‘sick like dog,’ so I asked for all citrus flavours. The girl was a little confused to start with, until I explained my situation. I really do wish juice mixes didn’t rely on apple juice as a base all of the time!


My New Crystals

April 6, 2010

MrMan and I ordered Marie & Pierre from Swarovski as our wedding cake toppers. After a short amount of worry that they would not arrive on time for the wedding, they finally arrived. I’m so excited to finally have them (although I’ve nowhere safe to display them thanks to Patty the bratty catty, haha)

Here is Swarovski’s description of the pair:

Marie & Pierre – “Home is where the heart is.”

Loving husband of Marie and proud father of Theo and Emily, Pierre is above all an epicurean, and whenever The House of Cats gets a little too frantic, he escaped to his secret garden, both literally and figuratively.

Marie acts as the warm soul of The House of Cats and a loving mother to Theo and Emily. She lends the house to its inimitable joie de vivre and takes great pleasure in taking care of each member. Cozy, yet sophisticated, the surroundings have come to resemble her personality, and bear witness to her love of fine objects and her artistic sensibility.

Amazingly, I won another prize – this time via the staff magazine. I knew it was worth entering all those competitions. I mean, evetually we all win comps, right? And my prize? The Luck Star Necklace:

On a side note, we also dropped by Canberra Connect today so MrMan could change his surrname on his licence. We thought it would be a simple process. Apparently we now have to wait two to three weeks for his new licence to arrive! Here’s hoping the stash of interim paperwork MrMan now has will be accepted by the airlines and he can get on the plane (and needless to say, I wouldn’t be able to get on a plane by myself – curse my phobias!)

Wonderings on Packing

April 4, 2010

My brain is trying to handle thinking about packing for a warmer climate whilst my whole body and soul is getting into the winter mode for Canberra. Here (Canberra) we are getting maximums of about 23 (and heading towards the 12 maximums, haha). But to pack for our trip (Newcastle then Cairns) I need to remember it’ll be 26ish in Newcastle and up to 30 in Cairns! Why must these temperatures mock my new boots and growing stash of interesting stockings?!

I also have the dilemma of what to wear travelling from Newcastle to Sydney for our early morning flight to Cairns. My clothes need to flow well from one climate to the next, without forcing me to open my carry on luggage a thousand times in three locales. Of course, as MumW has suggested, I will wear my heaviest clothing and layer for this part of the trip – which means I will most likely wear jeans, a cardi, a wooly cardi and heavier shoes and a shirt of some description (because even in 30 degree heat I still like to wear my jeans!)

Of course, as part of the female species I am prone to over-packing. So to combat this, the MrMan let me “invest” in two cabin sized suit cases. The challenge? Only letting myself use one bag for my stuff! (i.e. no over spilling into MrMan’s) We are taking extra stuff to Newcastle (like, say, a wedding dress, haha – although, if we plan on going to the casino in Cairns, I might take it with me!) and I will definitely wear my boots in Newcastle (but won’t take them to Cairns) so there will be some cross over and some not cross over clothing.

I’m reading back through all of the Academichic packing entries and I think I need to look closely at my wardrobe and work out some definite outfits (and photograph like here). Then I can add (and subtract) extra pieces to round out my packing. Throwing in only a handful of accessories will be my falling point (what if I want to wear all of my necklaces and I don’t have that one with me?!) so I think these I will need to consider hardest!

And the biggest downer of this trip?

Patch isn’t joining us so that means mummy is away from her furbaby for two whole weeks!!!

Quick Hello

April 1, 2010

Lack of posts recently as I’ve been busy. Or “busy.” I’m not really sure which!

Things I’ve been doing:

  • Finding the perfect boots (and then dreaming about owning them)
  • Not getting a job at the NAA
  • Working
  • Doing research at AWM (and getting annoyed at the distinct lack of parking!)
  • Having a book club meeting with C after reading The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency
  • Researching things to do in Cairns
  • Cooking lots of meals by myself
  • Not seeing MrMan (who is a baker and therefore works weird hours over Easter)
  • Buying things from Kikki.K
  • Buying a new skirt from Sportsgirl
  • Getting my money’s worth from Foxtel (aka Watching too much Foxtel)
  • Reading blogs (happy happy!)
  • Decided I want a small, glass fronted cabinet to make my own cabinet of curiosities

Pre-Wedding Trip: dodgy photo recap

March 25, 2010

The MrMan and I had to go to Newcastle too sign some papers (NOIM ones!) by a certain date. Luckily we just made the cut off! While we were there we got as much done as possible, making it back to Canberra in time for both of us to get back to work. Note: I drove Canberra to Goulburn and that was it, teehee.

We left after I finished work on the Monday afternoon.
Patty wasn’t too pleased with his basket to start with.

As usual, MrMan appreciated my iPhone camera.

Healthy, healthy road food 😉

Pretty, pretty night fall.

We stopped at Pheasants Nest (and Patty got a cuddle!)

And then we stopped at Thornleigh Maccas (and scammed free wireless)

On Tuesday we visited our Priest in the morning.
This was followed by a roadtrip to visit out photographer.
And after our meetings we went to Tuggerah Westfield.

We had lunch at the Coffee Club – and they made me a great mocha!

MrMan had the ceasar chicken sandwich thing.
I had French Toast (drool!)

Oblig. kissy photo while MrMan is trying to set up our new car iPhone dock.

The new car iPhone dock.

When we got home I went to see the jeweller with Dad about resizing my wedding ring (it was 10 times too big!)
My brother came over for pizza dinner and turkish delight dessert.

Waking up at 4.30am wasn’t cool (parts were cute though)

DrKarl podcasts before dawn = awesome

Breakfast of champions on the F3.

We stopped at Goulburn before reaching home.
Patty tried to be small and cute to avoid the basket again.

#WNTU (ACT) thanks to @noodle_bar

March 9, 2010

A little earlier than predicted, here is my post on #WNTU!

Tonight MrMan and I went to Wagamama in the city for dinner as a part of the Wagamama National TweetUp. We had a choice of two mains from the new specials menu to choose from and could also order sides, desserts and drinks.

On our way!!

Atmosphere, drinks, menus

Sides: Yasai Gyoza and Gyoza
Yasai Gyoza was nicer (for me) as it was crispier

Of course, MrMan got his book out (when he couldn’t get onto Twitter)
(I fixed his unused account since getting home so he can access it now, haha)

Waiting for our mains (while MrMan inspects SMinney‘s beer)

My main: Tasmanian Trout Udo (ladies’ choice)
MrMan’s main: Ahiru Yaki Soba (duck)

The duck arrived first and I was able to steal some before my trout arrived. It was  a very plain dish that relied on the noodles and was on slightly complimented by the crispy taste of the duck. It needed another favour added as a base (to heighten the dish) but maybe if you are more in the mood for something plain then this is for you 🙂 My trout was cooked perfectly and my noodles were the right consistency in comparison to the texture of the fish. As I’m going through a fish craving of late, I was delighted to find this on the autumn specials menu!

For dessert we ordered Mango with lime & Coconut Sorbet to share
This was the perfect refreshment after our meals

This was a really fun event held by Wagamama. It was certainly a different experience for MrMan and I to have dinner with people we didn’t know previously and to have fun doing so! Our hostess was super attentive but someone needed to inform her (and us!) what the protocol for the evening was. This was a little poor on the organisational side but hey, free meal so I can’t complain.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the Wagamama experience I totally recommend it. Long tables shared with lots of other people. You see your meals cooked. Loudness is tolerable (but helps if you have some lip reading ability). And the staff are always happy to help you. The food is a little pricey for us (even without paying for mains we still spent $40 for the two of us – more than we budget for an evening meal at home) but it’s worth it once in a while for a treat.

And hey, if we can get MrMan’s Gaffer to enjoy a meal in Wagamama’s environment, anyone will enjoy it.

A Life Related Update

March 9, 2010

This morning the MrMan and I drove down to Woden so he could get a haircut (he’s convinced it’s better down there or something). So he got a trim while I wandered the mall and avoided buying things (except face wipes and mascara which were obviously essentials) until we met up again and went to JB HiFi together. I usually avoid this establishment after the anti-friendly SD card incident of 2009 BUT MrMan enjoys it so I let him enjoy it. We ended up purchasing a few things (we like to treat ourselves every now and then).

JJJ Hottest 100 Vol. 17
(sooo many good songs this year!);
Birds of Tokyo The Broken Strings Tour (live) (this was for my MrMan);
Wings of Honneamise (another for the MrMan);
a new iPhone silicon case (for me :))

And tonight, thanks to a heads up from Phonakins, we’re eating for FREE at Wagamama in the city as part of a National Tweet-up! Look out for my review of the new menu on Friday 😉